Baby loose in Manhattan

New to Manhattan? Having a baby in NYC? Visiting New York as a tourist with toddlers? What can you do here?

On crisp Fall days you can go to Central Park and kick up the leaves. Did you know there’s a castle, a lake, a wood, big giant rocks, a theater, ice-skating, a carousel, horse and carriage rides, a zoo, play areas and cool statues to climb over?

On rainy days why not try a  museum? My favorite is the American Museum of Natural History. When you walk in the first thing you see is a huge dinosaur, for real. On various floors of collections there are elephants, a whale, monkeys and even bugs.

When the snow falls take a trip to the Rockefeller Center. Older kids can even ice skate in the ring. The stores are filled with bright lights and there’s the biggest Christmas tree in the world. You can also see a show at Radio City close by or take a tour of NBC studios.

In spring when everything blooms visit the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. The adventure garden is amazing.

If it’s gorillas and tigers you like, pop into the Bronx Zoo.

On hot summer’s days take the family to the beach. NYC has lots of beaches but the best one of all is Coney Island. Where else can you paddle in the sea, walk a few yards to an historic amusement park and finish up watching a sea lion show at the New York Aquarium?

Oh I forgot to mention NYC’s children’s galleries, theaters, boutiques, toy stores and hundreds of ‘little person’ friendly restaurants. But then again, keep reading because that's what this blog is: a virtual Streets Up tour of a wonderful City.

Welcome and enjoy!

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