Mother of two Tulu Dera, the Olympic gold medalist at 10,000 meters in 1992 and 2000 out-paced Russia's Ludmila Petrova in the final half-mile to win her first New York's women's title in 2:28:52.

Are you a mom who likes to run?

BOB strollers are the best we've used around the city parks and river runs. You can get them at BUY BUY BABY at:

270 Seventh Ave.
(Between 25th and 26th)
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (917) 344-1555

Cheapest models run from $299. We don't get paid to advertise this stuff. We simply test/try out products for NYC and then tell you where to buy them. Jogging strollers are excellent for just that - jogging. For getting up and down Subway stairwells and navigating busy NYC streets we recommend light weight Maclarens or just as good the $20 fold-up strollers at any kid's store.