Bu & the Duck
Grannie knits, vintage look with authentic designer twists

Bu and the Duck is a vintage-inspired handcrafted children’s line with a flagship store in the heart of Tribeca, New York. Bu and the Duck’s fine children’s wear is designed by founder Susan Lane. Artisan workshops in Italy, Peru and the United States are utilized to craft our fanciful knits, incomparable crochets and classic leather footwear.
Susan Lane founded Bu and the Duck in 1997 after years of experience in design and production. Susan’s love of the 1930’s serves as inspiration for her designs, which have an antique feel while considering modern aesthetics. She created Bu and the Duck to fill a gap she perceived in the American children’s market. Parents seeking classic children’s clothing which is playful, fashionable and stylish will love Bu and the Duck.

106 Franklin Street ( btwn W. Broadway and Church streets) New York, New York.
1-212 431 9226.
Mon-Sat from 10am to 6pm and Sundays from 11am to 5pm.


We love Bu and the Duck

By futurehope on 7/29/2009
My daughters and I were on vacation and wandering through Tribeca admiring the architecture when we stumbled upon the most quaint children's clothing store I've ever seen. Out of all the stores we ventured into in NYC, Bu and the Duck was my favorite. I loved the mixture between old and new. And the owner was very friendly and down to earth. Would like to visit again on my next trip to NYC.
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Honestly the best little shop for kids' clothes in Manhattan!

By tsellinger on 3/24/2008
The clothes are beautifully made and timeless--somehow combining classic styles (like an Eisenhower jacket) with trendier pieces (knits and lace). These clothes receive more compliments than any other clothes my kids wear--Jacadi, Flora & Henri, Melo, Ralph Lauren--and they last through washings, hand-me-downs and lots of playtime. Although I only visit 3 X/year since I'm now 2 hrs outside the city, the owners remember me and are so kind. They even offer to put things aside in my taste for me. They keep my daughters entertained while I shop. Just wonderful.
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A positive experience

By azn on 3/5/2008
I do not know what happened when the angry poster went into the store, but I always leave this store with a smile. The owner is a very interesting and artistic woman with an eye for quality and color. She believes in dressing children to be children, not mini adults like so many other companies. Even the jeans are cut in a way that will emphasize your kid's cuteness and roundness. Everything here is special, even the t-shirts are so obviously of the highest quality and the most beautiful colors, yet not flashy. Everything is luxurious in a subtle way. I always enjoy shopping here!
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Pricey but interesting, beautiful kids (mostly) clothing

By amje1996 on 11/3/2003
The owner and woman behind many (all?) of the designs is a lovely lady who really has a great sense of color and texture and how they go together, as is evident in the clothing she designs and sells at the store. The knits are absolutely gorgeous, but everything there is top quality. What's more, you won't see every third kid in town with the same outfit. Her designs are original without being outré. The booty you get here never fails to earn compliments. It's certainly not inexpensive, but for something really special, you can't go wrong here.
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