On a sultry humid Wednesday June morning our competition photographer LAURA DOLCE charmed the winning models at the Carousel in Central Park NYC.

The first to arrive was OWEN HUANG here he is in one of our tees waiting to go home.

Owen was our BABY DOES NYC model. He has the chubbiest hands and feet.  According to his mom he flipped over on his tummy on the 9th day!  He has the most innocent smile! He loves his City!

Then Siddarth came along representing QUEENS! Siddarth is special because he is such a sweet and affectionate little baby who loves life! He is full of energy, constantly on the go and loves to be in the company of others! His name, "Siddarth" means "one who brings much good" and "accomplished".  His name comes from a story of an Indian prince named "Siddhartha".  This prince renounced material goods and found solace as meditator in the forest!

Representing BROOKLYN  was Eleanor. She loves to ride the subway everyday when Mommy and Daddy take her to daycare (she even tries to hold the pole, but Mom says not yet). What's even better when she gets to play at the park and then dine at Shack Shack for dinner.  Her mom said she waited 9 months for Eleanor so the line to get burgers isn't too bad!!  Eleanor loves being a city baby; and wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else.  
We'd like to thank our two other model winners Kai representing STATEN ISLAND and Taleesa Ruby representing the BRONX. All professional shots taken by Laura Dolce will be posted on this blog shortly. 

Here is a sneak preview of one of our 5 new shirts: BABY DOES NYC. 

Each tee is printed on a boutique brushed Indian cotton double hemmed t-shirt The front shows the borough and on the back we list all the neighborhoods. The tees come in sizes, 6m, 12m and 2y and retail at $20 with gift box. To order this tee email us at: and leave us a contact number.