Hank & JoJo

$22 for $40 Toward Hip, Ecofriendly Clothing, Toys, and Accessories


(and Then Some)

• Infant Retro Tube Socks $28.
• Organic Cotton Underpants $32.
• Organic Wooden Camera $32.
If we may do our best Seinfeld impersonation, ahem, “What is the deal with socks?!”
That is what Andriana Caradimitropoulo Spence asked herself when her child’s socks kept falling off, becoming forever lost in long-gone cabs and nondescript supermarket aisles.
To answer her own question, she did what most of us would love to do but none of us actually do: She started a company that makes better socks.
As Hank & JoJo took shape, socks begot shirts, which begot an array of games, toys, and crafts — all of which are sourced from local, artisanal, and environmentally friendly suppliers. So come for the retro tube socks, but stay for the onesies and all-natural dough.
After all, your tyke’s street cred is no laughing matter.
Photos: Courtesy of Hank & JoJo