Children Inspire Design's Ethos is to inspire children to learn about our beautiful Earth.  To care for it, and all who inhabit it.  We create art that teaches languages, cultures and ways to care for our home. 

We incorporate recycled materials in every design, showing our children the possibilities of reusing, even in art.  We want parents to use our art not just as decor, but as learning tools; as a way to introduce a child to their heritage and to teach them at an early age that caring for our earth is everyone's responsibility.  If we give them tools now, that responsibility will be second nature to them as adults.

We also support a driving force stronger than any, the one that makes the world go around- mothers. Children Inspire Design partners with mom run businesses for our company needs- from designers to printers to marketers.  We understand the passion and drive that mothers have to support their families, in part because that's who we are.  We're a small group of mothers who make CID happen everyday. 

We work with children at our feet, we design art in the wee hours of the night and the break of dawn. We will always stay small, we will always be approachable, we will always be open and consider the mothers who purchase our art a part of our tribe.

Recently, we've taken our passion for supporting mothers a step further by creating the One Mother to Another Initiative.  Despite geographical and cultural differences, we are all connected by the love a mother has for their children. To be able to see them smile. To create hope in their eyes. To give them a life. 

Every product in Children Inspire Design's One Mother to Another line is created by hands from mothers in impoverished areas in Mexico and Haiti. The work in making the products offer creative expression. The money they earn through fair trade of these products offer economic opportunity, which provides independence and a lesson to their children, especially girls, that women can become strong and successful, that they can control their own future.  

When you buy one product, we buy two more from them.  That gives them the ability to buy food, clothing, opportunity for their children.  It also gives them a chance to grow their business, to invite more women to work. Ultimately, to take more power.

You can view OMTA products here.