NYC Parent Groups: Hang and Network!

Come together with other moms-to-be to socialize, learn, and network.  Topics run the gamut from breastfeeding to finding a nanny to registering and more. Go to site to find your neighborhood.

Park Slope Parents
Trendy Brooklyn parents can congregate over good java while their tots attend classes. The site also has a bunch of interesting boards and forums.

Astoria Moms Meet-up Group
A growing and active community of mothers who want to make friends for ourselves and our tots. We love living in Astoria and take advantage of everything this amazing town has to offer for our families. Many of our moms have recently switched to full-time mom status or are working part time because of their child(ren), and many of our moms work outside the home. Even amongst those of us who “stay home” there is plenty to keep us busy other than our kids—involvement in our kids’ schools, fund raising or other community activities, maybe a home business, and staying active in our wonderful group.

NYC Dads Group
NYC Dads Group is a diverse community of over 500 members created to give fathers opportunity to socialize and support each other as we navigate parenthood. We meet at various venues around the city including museums, parks, zoos, indoor play-areas, parent-and-me classes, etc.  We also organize evening events for dads to socialize, learn from each other, and meet with journalists, authors, and other experts related to fatherhood and parenting.

LGBTQ Parents Meet up
For such a diverse city, it seems difficult to meet like minded LGBTQQ parents that can meet, support each other, share advice and create a sort of extended family. If you are interested, please sign up and maybe we can get this ball rolling and have some fun! Play dates, parent nights out, and everything in between! All lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and questioning, parents, single parents, parents to be, or trying to be parents are welcome.   I am hoping that we can create a safe place to share and connect. Please join us so we can all explore and grow. 

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