Chic Child: A New Fashion Experience
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Tell us about yourselves!
We [Christin Rueger + Natalie Schwartz] met years ago while both living in LA.  After each moving to east coast, reconnected and eventually worked together at Vogue.  Christin has two little girls, Scarlett, 3 years old and Harper 9 months and Natalie has one little girl, Sloane, turning 2 in March.  We both have a mutual love for fashion and once having our daughters, we channeled that passion into endless curating items for our own children's closets.  Even living in New York City with having so many great stores, we found that there wasn't one resource or destination for children's fashion that encompassed different styles and brands.  We essentially set out to create an online resource for all things children's fashion; a place where parents can go for inspiration, information and shopping!

How did you come together for this venture?
After realizing this need in the marketplace for someone to collect and share the best resources for dressing children, we left our jobs at Vogue to create Chic Child.   We felt like we have such great insight to share with other parents and wanted to turn this enthusiasm and knowledge into a business.  There are so many bloggers and websites out there with wonderful information about raising children, and many do offer fashion as one of the topics they cover, but there wasn't a site we could find that focused solely on fashion.   We had a vision of creating a website and aesthetic that felt sophisticated but also incredibly inclusive.  When we launched (last May) we started out with our website as a destination for all things children's fashion—Trends, boutiques by city, a list of our favorite resources on the web and of course, the daily content.  

The newest addition to our site, Shop Chic Child, is a retail site for all of these incredible brands we've discovered from around the world, but that consumers wouldn't normally have access to.  It will encompass exclusives from some of our favorite brands, previews of items before they are distributed to stores or available on line, and brands from overseas (not available for purchase in the US).   It is our hope that Chic Child will be come that premiere destination for all things related to style and fashion for children in one place.

What's the driving ethos behind your brand?
There is no one busier than parents, so we want to make people's lives easier!  We know that most parents don't have the luxury of time to go from store-to-store and scour the internet in search of the perfect special occasion dress, baby gift or sweetest pajamas—so we do the legwork.   We come from a place of wanting to share our finds, help with conundrums and address any personal fashion inquiries that people have.  Through both our editorial and our boutique, we aim to be inclusive of price rage and style;  this is why you will see a Gap Kids bottom paired with a top from Bonpoint.  We think that dressing your children should be much like how you dress yourself, with a high-low approach.  We have also created a community feel by having contributors (most of whom all worked in the fashion industry) and are parents of twins, boys with experiences different from ours—they help keep us in-the-know.

Why should parents check you out?
Parents will want to read Chic Child for so many reasons.  For some, they want to be inspired with ideas for what to purchase for their child each season, but may not have the time or knowledge of the countless incredible collections.  For others, they are looking for ideas for something specific and surely we've covered it (or they can email us directly and we'll find it for them)!  Some parents may just love fashion and want to know about the special brands, boutiques and items in childrenswear.  Dressing your child is much like parenting—you look for advice, trust your instinct and have fun with it!  

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