Celebrate Mother's day!

Mil’s Trills Calling All Moms to Pick Up a Ukulele and Sing!
Mother’s Day Event Led by Electric Ukulele-ist/Composer Amelia Robinson

Date: Sunday, May 13, 2012
Time: 11am
Venue: 92YTribeca MAINSTAGE.  92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, 100013.
Nearest Subway: 1 to Canal Street
Tickets:  $15 per adult. KIDS FREE! (under 2years) 
Booking: To book visit www.92y.org/Tribeca/Event/BYOK--Mil’s-Trills-Collective.aspx
Suitable for adults with babies, toddlers and children ages 0-4.  Bring blankets, shakers & ukuleles.  Pre-booking recommended, as these shows are often sold out.
Contact: Amelia Robinson 347-703-5207 or milstrills@gmail.com
For more information: visit www.milstrills.com

New York, NY – In celebration of moms and music, interactive performance group Mil’s Trills will be live on stage this Mother’s Day with the “Ukulele Mom-semble,” a group of local moms who will accompany the Mil’s Trills Band to perform original lullabies written for and inspired by their children.  The event will be held on Sunday, May 1311 a.m. at the 92YTribeca where guests will be invited to join in and jam to a tune of their own.

Guests will enjoy the event as much as the kids with revived adaptations of memorable hand-clapping beats Miss Mary Mac and games like Mother May I interwoven throughout the performance. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, members of Mil’s Trills and the Ukulele Mom-semble will each bring to the stage their own variation of song in both sound and lyrics with shared inspiration – their children.

“The ukulele is a beautiful tool for creating raw, sensitive, honest songwriting from deep within the heart,” says Amelia Robinson, creator and lead musician of Mil’s Trills. “Music and movement are vital to our lives, no matter what age…Mil’s Trills music speaks to children 0 to 100.”

Members of the “Ukulele Mom-semble” are all graduates from Robinson’s four-week workshop, which was developed by popular demand from local moms in the Mil’s Trills community. Robinson designed the workshop with mom in mind, providing a safe space for the women to experiment with their innermost thoughts using the ukulele as their guide. The moms proved that with a little framework and support, beautiful music can be made. This coming Mother’s Day will be the first time the moms perform on stage for a live audience (outside of the nursery, of course!).

“I am so proud of all my ‘uke-workshop-ers’ for their audacity – for taking the time to nourish their souls, for having fun, and for being role models for their children as living examples that you can have a desire and follow through with it!”

Moms who attend for the first time should expect to have a ukulele in their hands by the end of the show, leaving the event with a few chords and a new tune to hum home to.  Just like the moms performing on the stage this year, new moms who attend have the chance to join a workshop, learn how to play, write their own lullaby and ultimately perform live at next year’s event in front of their child and family. A Mil’s Trills event is the perfect place to start practicing. 

More importantly, Robinson stresses that Mil’s Trills is a retreat for both parent and child alike. “Anyone who attends a Mil’s Trills show, whether for the first or umpteenth time, is instantly given a place in our community with a sense of belonging,” Robinson says. “Our show has become a safe space for children [and adults] to discover and explore, to be nurtured and loved.”

Mother of two, Rachel Lotus, says she gets hardly any “me” time, but learning to play the ukulele with Mil’s Trills, is “In short, pure joy!”
“Amelia has brought her verve and vigor, good humor, and quirky style to the process,” Lotus says. “It’s sort of like music therapy.”

This event is for anyone who is a parent or child, loves and appreciates music, wants to learn the ukulele and songwriting or to bring musical inspiration into their home, is looking to meet like-minded moms in their community, or would like to attend in support of their peers on stage (so…everyone!). Above all else, this show intends to provide a space for moms to appreciate one another in their shared bravery, hard work and hidden talents.

The show will be held at the 92YTribeca at 200 Hudson St.Sunday, May 13 at 11a.m. It is recommended that guests book early since Mil’s Trills’ last show was completely sold out. “We sadly had to turn away babies at the door!” Robinson says. “Who wants to do that?!”

For a link to purchase tickets, visit: http://www.92y.org/Tribeca/Event/BYOK--Mil.

For more information on Amelia’s events and workshops, visit her at: http://www.milstrills.com

For an interview or more information, please contact Amelia Robinson at milstrills@gmail.com or (347) 703-5207.

About Mil’s Trills
Mil’s Trills is an interactive series of live performances for grown-ups with babies & toddlers ages 0-4.  Led by Amelia Robinson who plays original, quirky and whimsical songs on her electric ukulele and hosts a rotating cast of musical guests.   Each show highlights a new, often rare, instrument and a hand-selected book that is brought to life through an improvised soundtrack.   Mil’s Trills is founded on a cooperative effort to support local businesses & artists in the community and to make music accessible to all. 
Mil’s Trills has appeared at South Street Seaport’s Children’s Day, the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, the Greater New York Dental Meeting at the Javits Center, and is to be featured at Lincoln Center’s Meet the Artist Saturdays on June 2, 2012 in conjunction with the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.
'There's not much sweeter than a room full of cherub-cheeked, doe eyed toddlers, smiling moms and Amelia Robinson strumming away on her ukulele...' Bed-Stuy Patch, October, 2011
'This is Baby Fink’s absolute favorite thing to do every week and we’re sure that your tot will agree. And it’s fun for grownups too!' Brooklyn Heights Blog, October, 2011

‘What a great way to spend time…’ Brooklyn Parent Magazine, November 2011

‘If you haven’t already caught the ukulele wave in Brooklyn, then you don’t know what you’re missing’! Brooklyn Music Lessons, July 2011
‘In the first few months of motherhood, I would have loved to learn a new instrument to play for my baby, especially one that is so small and easily stored in a Brooklyn apartment.’ For the Creatively Starved ParentCarroll Gardens Patch, June, 2011
92YTribeca BYOK: Mil's Trills Collective MOMs! Celebration
Featuring Amelia + the Ukulele Mom-semble.

Show your love with fun, interactive songs about moms that the whole family will enjoy, as well as the premiere of original ukulele lullabies written by parents/graduates of the Mil's Trills ukulele workshops.