Wednesday Health Tip: burn more calories throughout the day

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (or NEAT) refers to the calories you burn while going 

about your daily activities. Walking, typing, performing yard work -- even fidgeting -- 

increases  our metabolic rate and can contribute significantly to the calories you burn 

throughout the day. 

"The average women consumes 12,397 calories per week, exercises for three to five hours 

week, yet rarely reaches 2,000 (kcal)in exercise, which is the minimal amount need to lose 

weight through activity," says Fabio Comana, senior fitness educator with the National 

Academy of Sports Medicine. Time to cash in on those 100+ hours you’re awake to make a 

dent. Find activities that’ll get you moving more frequently during the day. Even giving up 

your  seat on the bus helps! Standing for 2 hours a day (vs. sitting) enables you to lose 

nearly eight  pounds in one year.


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