Thursday Childcare: Blue Leo

Bahar Kural founder of listings site Blueleo talks about the site and what it offers parents.

What makes Blueleo unique among the other baby/mommy sites?
Blueleo is the first and only city-wide classifieds site for NYC parents.  Currently, NYC moms utilize their local yahoo groups to communicate with each other, refer babysitters and buy second hand items.  However not all neighborhoods have built-in mommy networks, and locating second-hand items in email list serves can be a very tedious process.  Blueleo overcomes this problem by providing all NYC parents and parents-to-be with a central classifieds site where a click of a button yields search results for the items of their choice in their own neighborhoods- ie, strollers in Nolita, baby sitters in Brooklyn,  free trial classes in UES, baby & kid furniture in Chelsea .  Parents can also opt to subscribe to categories and neighborhoods so that they get a short email every time a listing matching their preferences is posted to Blueleo.

Another unique side of Blueleo is the membership perks.  Thanks to its relationships with 6,000 local businesses represented in the, Blueleo parents are offered giveaways, free trial classes and exclusive deals which they can also search on a neighborhood level.

Blueleo differentiates itself from generic classifieds sites like Craigslist through its emphasis on creating a real community of moms and dads.  The Blueleo community, now around 8,500 NYC parents, are connected to each other through real-life friends.  What makes this community unique is that it grew out of a core group of Bahar’s friends – who now has 168 friends on the site.  

Members are encouraged to post listings under their real names to keep the community real - especially for nanny and housekeeper referrals. Daily Candy kids featured Blueleo as the "Craigslist alternative" for parents in their main Kids NYC story:

What gave you the idea?
When I became a mom, I realized that parenthood not only changes socializing habits but also consumption habits.  Parents spend significant amounts on their kids' schools, afterschool programs, camps, birthday parties and clothes, and they like to find out about what other parents are doing with their children. With so much to spend on, parents like "deals".  This 'inside knowledge" led me to launch Blueleo - NYC's first classifieds site - where parents buy and sell baby & kid items, look for and refer nannies and housekeepers, find free trial classes and deals around town, post job listings, advertise properties for sale, and let other parents know about important events and news in your neighborhood.

When did Blueleo start?
Blueleo Classifieds was launched in March 2011.

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Bahar Kural 
Prior to launching Blueleo, I had a career in investment banking and venture capital -- most recently with Morgan Stanley and The Carlyle Group.  I have BA in economics and political science from Swarthmore College and an MBA from Columbia Business School. I live in New York City with my husband and two children.