Tuesday Classes & Listings: NEW GROUP! Upper West Side Moms

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We provide a great resource to new moms, and not so new, moms.  Our moms love our group and have called it "invaluable" "One of the best thing I have done as a new mother" "this group has been a life saver for me and I'm not exaggerating" http://www.meetup.com/Upper-West-Side-Moms/about/comments/?op=all

We have a great list serve where moms can organize playdates and get advice and information about topics such as doctor recommendations, sleep and feeding issues, how to find a great babysitter, what to do with a colicky baby, where to host birthday parties and many other "new mom" issues.

We also hold tons of great events. For example, this year alone we have already had hundreds of events including music classes; baby sign classes; gym events; soccer classes; child photoshoots; trips to museums and the Bronx zoo; presentations by a pediatric immunologist; book clubs where kids are welcome; get togethers at local libraries, Whole Foods, restaurants and coffee houses; as well as stroller walks and baby friendly yoga & pilates classes.  And of course, playdates.

Organizer First Time Upper West Side Moms 

What members say about this group:

"As a rookie mom and recent Upper West Side transplant, this group has truly kept me sane. In a word, it's all about community: my daughter and I have found great friends, gone on fantastic playdates, gotten valuable insight into baby milestones. I've discovered local baby- and non-baby resources, from doctors to contractors and hair stylists, and baby gyms to sign language and music classes. I really don't know where I'd be without First Time Upper West Side Moms!"
-Shira B.

"As a first time mother, I've loved meeting other mothers in the neighborhood who have babies of the same age so that we can figure out parenthood together!  And getting tipsp and even hand-me-downs from the mothers of slightly older babies has been invaluable!"
-Nina R.

“ The daily e-mail is great and a wonderful way to reach out and get information and support from other moms in the area.”
Kerri C.

"Wonderful friendly group, very quick to welcome members and share knowledge!"

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