Tuesday Classes & Listings: YOGA; MIL'S TRILLS


Yogi Beans is all about the vibration of yoga — both in our program and in the environment we create around our classes. We believe that children are receptive to the energy around them and are able to have deep connections to their experiences in the world. In this welcoming and positive atmosphere, children's individualism can develop organically and, thereby, flourish off the mat and into the world!
Yogi Beans is founded on the union of two extremely bright, professional and enterprising yogis. Lauren and Alexa share a mutual passion for yoga and kids, out of which they have created an innovative company based on the wonderful principles of yoga. They believe that, through yoga, they can effectuate healthy and positive changes in children in the most fun, educational and engaging ways.
In the midst of their challenging worlds, Lauren and Alexa individually found their way towards practicing, teaching, and living yoga. In 2010, this journey of yoga eventually brought them together when their individual paths crossed in the kids' yoga world. From there, the Yogi Beans mission organically grew: to honor the innate energies of children's bodies, minds and hearts through yoga. They have set out to make a mind–body–heart practice that was once accessible only to adults, accessible to children of all ages and all backgrounds. At Yogi Beans, the individual yogi is awakened in all of us — imaginative as ever — awaiting endless possibilities.

Yogi Beans' studio is the largest, kids-only yoga studio on the Upper East Side. With almost 900 square feet, our spacious, bright studio overlooks Lexington Avenue through floor to ceiling windows. Located at 1018 Lexington Avenue between 72nd and 73rd streets, the Yogi Beans studio has two separate yoga rooms, as well as a comfortable, peaceful area for parents and caregivers to wait for their little beans. From the hardwood floors to the butterflies on the walls, Yogi Beans has put love and attention into every detail of our space. We aspire to create a kid-friendly environment dedicated to yoga, health and wellness for all ages. Please drop by any time, with or without your bean, to say namaste, grab some free tea and enter the world of children's yoga.

NB: This is NOT a paid advert or review.


Mil's Trills is popping up in Park Slope this week with a chance for families with babies & toddlers (ages 0-4) to meet the DULCIMER!  Also we'll be jammin' with real-live dad trio, the DAD BEATS at Mable's Smokehouse for a Sunday BBQ Father's Day!

Meet MAX on the DULCIMER
Wednesday, June 13th
The Rock Shop 
249 4th Ave (b/w President & Carroll Streets)
Closest train: R to Union St. 

Details: RAIN OR SHINE - We'll be outdoors on the sunny rooftop if it's sunny, Downstairs if it's rainy!
Bring instruments/shakers.  Suitable for families with children ages 0-4.  
$15 Suggested donation.

NB: This is NOT a paid advert or review.