Wednesday Products: Car Seat iPad Holder

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By Marcos Eduardo

"This is an excellent opportunity to convert your existing iPad 2 into an in-car movie screen, instead of buying a more expensive DVD-system made especially for cars. Construction is sturdy, easily holds your iPad and gives you access to all buttons and connections (buy your iPad specific model)."

By Mike

"This is nothing fancy - It's merely a "pocket" to slide your iPad 2 in and out of when you need it for road trips. It attaches to your seat via the black strap you see in the's really quite simple. The iPad's buttons, speaker grill, and camera are all available when installed. The iPad slides in and out very easily with little effort. When mounted, the only way the iPad will fall out of this case is if your vehicle turns upside down - As you can see in the picture, one side of the case is open with no means to close it. Personally, I don't plan on flipping my car so this is a non-issue for me. I also like that I can easily take the iPad in and out of the case will minimal effort, because I only need this mount for infrequent road trips (maybe a couple times a month).

Cinemaseat for IPAD2
by Griffin Technology

Color Name: White