Friday Fluff: Will Kanye West Walk Away from Kim Kardashian?

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Kanye West’s worried friends, who include Jay-Z and Beyonce, have begged him to leave controlling girlfriend Kim K! A source dished to a US tabloid, “His pals are telling him to walk away. They say he’s making a fool out of himself and she’s treating him like an accessory. His friends are worried it’s undermining any credibility he’s got with his R’n’B fans by being a complete doormat.”
Krazy Kim!
But the rap star can’t see the truth. The source dished, “Kanye’s crazy about Kim and he’s in this thing for love. Part of him always knew Kim liked the publicity.” But even Kanye was worried when Kim “blindsided” him with the bombshell that he was ruining her career. The insider blabbed, “Kim has Google alerts on her cellphone, laptop and iPad – if the number of alerts goes down, she starts to panic.” Kim is blaming Kanye, who was “pretty blown away” when she told him that “internet searches for her name are down since she began dating him, and that she wasn’t happy”.

Kris’ Revenge
Meanwhile, Kim’s ex-husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, taunted cut-up Kanye this week, tweeting to boast about his new two-year, $24-million contract with the Brooklyn Nets, the basketball team part-owned by West’s BFF, Jay-Z. Ouch. Happy Humphries tweeted, “I’m up at Brooklyn! Lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team lol,” in response to Kanye’s cruel Cold lyrics, in which he goaded Kris, “Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team”, when the couple was already in splitsville.

The Other Kris
But Kim’s not the only Kardashian cashing in on Kanye. Kim’s momager, Kris Jenner, stands to make big bucks too. Media Take Out revealed Kanye’s agreed “to have Kris Jenner manage his career”, if the couple get their own reality series, which Hollywood Life reports will show the “plush life of Kim & Kanye”. Kris already takes a 10 per cent cut as her kids’ manager and could soon be creaming the same from Kanye’s career. The Kardashian kids ex-nanny, Pam Behan, fanned the flames this week suggesting Kris “groomed” her kids for stardom in her book Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny. Meanwhile Kris boasted to Oprah, “I would use any opportunity to its advantage. I doesn’t get any better than this”.