Thursday Book Review: 'Working Mom's 411' with Michelle LaRowe

The Working Mom’s 411 provides parents with the options, tools and solutions that will enable them to make educated and informed choices for their family and successfully navigate the waters of the two parent working household. It’s an all in one resource that will rescue moms trying to put together the how to do it all puzzle. With  informed insight, a healthy sense of humor, and a fresh, expert perspective, Michelle LaRowe shares time saving tips and practical solutions to the common complications working mothers face! Here are at your fingertips current childcare options, including an assessment tool for moms to evaluate which option best suits their needs; solutions to everyday problems working parents face from scheduling to overcoming the stigma often associated with moms who work outside the home; and practical tips on managing childcare, school activities, self care, home life and marriage.

1) Michelle you're a Nanny, why did you choose this title and subject for a book?
For over 15 years, I worked as a nanny for working moms helping them to live the best of both worlds- career and family. I’ve developed a set of tricks, tools and tips that have helped the moms that I’ve worked with be successful. Through my book, it’s my goal to help working mom’s navigate the struggles they’ll face and empower them to make educated and informed choices in the best interest of themselves and their family.

2) Why are modern moms under so much pressure?
If I knew the answer to that question, I bet I’d be famous! Honestly, I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Sometimes we focus too much on what others want or expect us to be. We want to be the best room parent, we want to be the mom that all the kids like, we want our kids to be the best dressed and the smartest. We hold ourselves to the standards others set for us in the media and these standards are too often unrealistic.  I also think for many working moms, there’s a real financial stress that comes into play that drives many of the decisions that they make. For moms want to do it all and have it all, there’s a lot of pressure to do it all perfectly.

3) How important is finding a good Nanny?
Essential. For moms who want or need to work, they can’t do their jobs well if they are concerned about the quality of care that their children are receiving. A good nanny plays a vital role in the family. She’s a role model to the children and partner to the parents.

4) How can a working mom stay in tune with her children?
The same way non working moms do! They need to carve out time each day to spend quality time with their children. Sharing meals together as a family or having special time together before bed are ways moms can connect with their children after an otherwise disjointed day. When with their children, they need to be engaged and present. When they come home from work, they should make it a policy to change into play clothes and not deal with work until after the children have gone to bed.

5) What are the pitfalls of over-scheduling children?
A child’s work is play. If they aren’t given time to play, they aren’t given time to learn, they aren’t given time to freely explore the world around them. When children are over-scheduled, they also don’t experience being bored and finding creative ways to have fun. They also don’t learn to embrace down time or learn to play independently.

6) Can working parents maintain a happy fulfilling family life?
Yes! If she has the right support. Working moms need a momtourage— a connection to the people, places and things that allow them to focus on their priorities. Having a dry cleaner that drops off and delivers, a grocer that delivers, a family friend who will swap childcare so you can both have date nights, a childcare provider that you can trust and a spouse that is willing to share half of the parenting and household responsibilities makes that possible.

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