Tuesday Websites: The Bump (.com)


Mommies-to-be have a hip new place on the web they can go and learn about all things related to pregnancy! The Bump is a great website that rightfully describes itself as “The Ultimate Local Guide to Pregnant Living”. With an acclaimed panel of experts discussing issues such as fitness, nutrition, baby gear, childbirth, etc., moms-to-be can get a sense of what’s in store for them during their pregnancies and what to expect following the birth of their baby. The Bump currently has a list of 13 major metropolitan cities where you can find retailers and resources from prenatal nutrition to nanny services, and everything in-between. The Bump also publishes featured articles on their website about topics such as traveling while pregnant, planning a baby shower, and surviving bed rest. The best part is that joiningThe Bump is free! As an added bonus for signing up, you get instant access to special offers from The Bump’s advertisers with your Bump Exclusive Rewards card, invitations to grand openings and local events in your area, and automatic entry to Bump-sponsored contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways throughout the year. Very cool, indeed! 1

1. http://thewisemommy.com/