Wednesday product: Kanoe baby hammock

The beauty of the Kanoe baby hammock is that it provides your baby with a smooth and gentle three-dimensional movement which closely resembles the feeling of being cradled and rocked in your arms.  Parents have always known that babies love to be cradled  and rocked, but now we know that they need this stimulation for healthy development.
The Kanoe reacts to your baby’s subtle movements, providing a safe and comforting place for him to rest better, sleep more soundly, or just enjoy its calming bounce and sway. The motion-sensitive Kanoe, designed for babies from newborn to 2 years old.
It is secured to the ceiling by a specialised weight calibrated hanging assembly which allows it to move freely in every direction. It is made from a double layer of 100% organic cotton canvas in a unique canoe shape that safely  cradles your baby. The generous dimensions give your baby plenty of space and lots of room to grow, and give you easy access to settle him in and take him out again. Many parents are choosing a Kanoe instead of a cot; it requires no mattress or bedding, making it a much healthier option.
Adjustable straps extend above the hammock and attach to the bottom ring of the spring assembly which is responsive even to the smallest movements. Your baby will learn to move the hammock on his own but, if he is feeling especially restless or unsettled, you can soothe and comfort him by rocking the hammock by hand. And if your baby suffers from colic or reflux, the hammock can be set on a slight incline by adjusting the straps. When your baby turns into an adventurous toddler, the spring can be removed and the Kanoe lowered so that it hangs just above the ground.
He can then climb safely in and out, using the hammock as his special place to sit and play. The Kanoe is quick and easy to transport, rolling up into a bag made of the same fabric with a shoulder strap for carrying. Each Kanoe comes with two eye ring bolts and detailed installation instructions. The fitted spring will be most responsive for babies up to 13.5 kilos although it will safely hold considerably more. When the canvas gets dirty, just unclip it and put it in the washing machine
The Kanoe is shipped direct from the Australian supplier due to the size and shape. And to ensure minimum transportation to get to you. Please allow 7 - 10 days shipping time.
Price: $369.00