Thursday: Fran Drescher, Breast Milk Alert (?)

The Beautician and the Beast star Fran Drescher, 57, has made it her personal duty to urge nursing mothers to get their breast milk tested after discovering American women are passing on harmful heavy metals and chemicals to their babies.
The Nanny actress -  who is a uterine cancer survivor -  admits she was stunned to learn that U.S mamas have more flame retardants in their breast milk than any other women on the planet, some of which are the same chemicals manufacturers use on upholstery, curtains and carpets.
“This is something that is not really talked about and yet we’re all wondering why all these kids suddenly have all these learning disabilities and attention deficit and autism and there has not been a connection made,” she explains on the Washington, D.C. radio program The Tommy Show on Monday (September 24). “We’re kinda selling these women that breast milk is the second coming (but) do any of these women check for high levels of heavy metals or chemicals? I don’t think so.”
Fran is encouraging nursing women to undergo a three-day test which ensures they aren’t passing metals to their children, adding, “The doctors can give you a kit to take home.”
She also suggests replacing traditional cosmetic products with holistic ones like virgin coconut oil, which she says can be used on everything from sautéeing vegetables to smearing on your body.