Hurricanes, power out, baby .... now what?

Breast milk Stored in a Freezer 

If you have stored pumped breastmilk in your freezer or refrigerator and want to know if it is salvageable, 
use these guidelines; 

Source: Univ. of WA Med. Ctr; Lactation Dept., 2006; Human Milk Banking Assoc. of North America, Best Practice, 2005. 

Other Tips and Information 

If your baby is hospitalized, check with your care provider for more guidance. 

Breast pumps 

Breast milk Storage Guidelines 

Room temperature (at 60° for 24 hrs; 66° for 10 hrs;  79° 4-6 hrs)    
Refrigerator; fresh milk (32°-39° F or 0°-4° C)  Up to 8 days maximum 
Refrigerator; thawed milk (32°-39° F or 0°-4° C) 24 hours 
Freezer compartment inside refrigerator 2 weeks 
Freezer compartment above, below or next to refrigerator 3-6 months 
Deep freezer less than 0° F 6-12 months 
Insulated cooler / ice packs (60° F or 15° C) 24 hours 
For lactation information and referral; contact the Family Health Hotline: 1.800.322.2588.  

SOURCE: Power Failure and Frozen Expressed Breastmilk 
The Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, 2006 

What to do now

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