Wednesday: The Krim case and hiring nannies

By Nanny X:

You live in NYC. You had your first baby a few months ago and now it's time to go back to work. But then the Krim murders happen. You know all the details and have seen all of the photographs, we don't need to repeat them here. The point is, how can you definitively prevent the same thing happening to you?

Fact: A child is more likely statistically to be harmed/murdered by a relative than a stranger much less a Nanny. I know that's not very comforting. However 'nanny homicide' is a very, very, very low incident event. But let's start with your search and hiring. 

If there is one positive legacy to take from the Krim case, it’s this: finally Americans get how important being a Nanny really is. Caring for children requires teamwork. It cannot be a them versus us between parents and nannies. Nanny violence against children is an extremely rare event - thankfully. The fact is that hundreds of thousands of nannies faithfully and diligently rise each morning and head to work. Everyday families are supported by the pivotal and consistent care of a good Nanny.

You can be too.