Monday Plug: The Rock Doves

By Jak

Love singing along in the car with the kids, going to outdoor community music events or just humming around the apartment?  The Rock Doves is a band for you. We listened to their CD "Be a Song" last week with our baby and she was bouncing around to all the tunes. I particularly love "Thankful" which has a feel of John Taylor. This is easy listening without patronizing the parents. You'll find yourself jigging along with the brat pack while this CD blasts through your loud speakers. 

Physical purchases can be made through us or at CDBaby: 

Digital purchases are also at CDBaby, Amazon -  and iTunes.

The Rockdoves are excited to be partnering with EGG-Baby's new space  The Playroom at EGG   (DUMBO, Brooklyn) and will be holding several music and movement workshops there shortly after the new year. Stay tuned for details. Daniel will also be teaching a 10-session class (starting Jan. 8, 2013) entitled      "Stretch, Love, and Rock 'n Roll"   at The Playroom. The class is open to 2-5 year-olds and will be a mix of yoga, music, movement, and storytelling. The class is limited to 10 children so reserve your child's space now! 

About The Rockdoves

The Rockdoves are a kindie/family music group with a mission: to create music with artistry, intelligence, humor, and respect for kids and their families. The band was formed in 2009 by New York City singer-songwriters Daniel Cole and Kim West, who have been writing and performing music together for over eight years. A shared interest in children’s music, along with a spontaneous creative moment during a rehearsal, gave birth to the first Rockdoves song, “See The Seasons”, and to their unique brand of “cool music for kids made with parents in mind”. Daniel’s experience as a preschool teacher, coupled with Kim’s theatrical background, proved to be the perfect creative combination to inspire a collection of positive, thoughtful tunes for children. After releasing their debut album, “From the Birds”, in October 2010, The Rockdoves were soon featured in Time Out New York Kids magazine, and their songs “Don’t And Do Blues” and “Giraffe Laugh (and other animal sounds)” were selected to be part of Tor Hyams’ Kindiecast podcasts. Through an active social media presence and dynamic live performances, their fan network and industry buzz continue to blossom and grow.

The Rockdoves’ music touches on everything from urban living and nature, to the value of friendship, family, and home. Drawing inspiration from folk to the blues to rock ‘n roll, The Rockdoves offer an exciting, interactive live performance that delights audiences with its blend of education, comedy, and storytelling. At a Rockdoves concert, children are performers, too, as they transform into animals, dance to fun grooves, and sing, shout, and cheer. Whether entertaining for private events or performing in large public settings such as Summer In The Square in NYC’s Union Square Park, The Rockdoves are thrilled by the exuberance and energy of their audiences, and invite you to join in the fun!