Monday Services: Baby Does NYC launches a non-toxic, cleaning service!

Ever wanted to do something positive for your baby or toddler? Did you want to go Green but just didn't have the time to implement? One of the greatest causes of child toxicity comes from our environments. I had already done the research and changed my own household cleaning habits. Now I wanted to do something positive and give New York parents the same service! Here's how it works

You supply: 
Non-toxic, non-PVC, spray containers 
(generic from Wholefoods or recycled Green products)
Clean cotton rags 
(an old sheet will suffice cut into squares)
White vinegar
Baking Soda
Castile Oil Soap
Non-chloride bleach
7th Generation Odor-free laundry detergent
7th Generation Wash Liquid
Recycled plastic trash bags
Assorted sponges

Bucket/Mop/Hot water
Vacuum Cleaner

We supply:

Services. Our cleaners will:

A min 2 hours of cleaning weekly required. Strictly 'child-area' cleaning only, no additional generic cleaning, unless requested. Customer stocks supplies and maintains equipment such as  vacuum, mop, in good condition. No pet cleaning. No additional services like dishwasher empty/load, polishing, unless specifically requested. 

Email us for local rates and availability:
We also take pre-schools and daycare contracts. 

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