Thursday Book: Welcoming a new sibling

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Congratulations — baby number two is coming soon! One of your first thoughts upon seeing that positive pregnancy test may well have been, "How will this affect my older child?" The key to easing the transition: make big brother feel like an important part of the process and reassure him — through words, actions, or gestures — that he will still be loved.

What to Expect From Your Older Child
Reactions vary, but when a new baby arrives on the scene, it's common for kids to become clingy and revert to behaviors they'd given up, like wanting a bottle and talking baby talk. Conversely, some children react by withdrawing — you may notice that your little one seems sad or isn't as responsive as usual. Be empathetic and remember that news of a new baby in the family can leave your little one doubting her place in your heart. But with the right preparation, you can look forward to a happy sibling relationship.

Before the Baby Arrives
The baby's birth is months away — which means you have lots of time to get your child used to the idea, and maybe even excited about it. Here's how:

After Baby's Birth

Here's how to start the new siblings off on the right foot:
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