Tuesday Product: Dana Haim baby mobiles

The ABC poster and world map hanging beside the crib clued us in. You gave birth to a baby genius. But the next Steve Jobs is going to require some right-brain stimulation as well. Create a more colorful environment with Dana Haim’s one-of-a-kind mobiles: handcrafted floating sculptures that imbue your nursery with a touch of magic. 

Influenced by natural elements, Haim cites wood grain, mineral stones, and wild mushrooms as inspiration. The hanging masterpieces are assembled using a variety of found and crafted materials. Handmade wool pom-poms in eye-catching colors dangle from starfish, deer antlers, and driftwood. Crystals, plaster forms, and knit fringe add an ethereal effect. The collection ranges in size from small and simple (fifteen to twenty poms) to large and dramatic (90 poms with all the trimmings).

Available at etsy.com, $375-$575.
Photos: Armando Rafael Photography / Courtesy of Dana Haim

SOURCE: http://www.dailycandy.com/new-york/article/143207/Dana-Haim-Mobiles?vwink=DK:Email:EDIT:KNY:20130214:3:903126:39&dcsid=3838956