Monday: 3 cool kids gifts your friends won't think of

Less Is More
For the minimalist mom, look no further than Fog Linen Work. Its simple cotton onesies, hats, and bibs are designed in Japan and are just the sort of gift your back-to-basics friend will adore.
Available at, $14-$54.

Plush Life
It’s hard to get excited about another teddy bear but so easy to fall hard for the retro-cute bunny softies by UK designer Jane Foster. The screen-printed faces and bold flowered bodies turn heads even when perched on a nursery shelf.
Available at, $27.

Shoe Fetish
We’ve come to expect the best baby things to be handmade: sweaters, wooden toys, and now shoes. Toe Jamm, an L.A.-based shoe line, brings an artisan’s touch to your little’s feet. Insanely hip styles abound.
Available at, $120.