NYC baby store: Smoochie Baby

"Smoochie Baby was born shortly after my son, Max. It really is like my second child. When I was pregnant with Max and living in the East Village, I immersed myself in the whole baby world. I became obsessed with seeking out the cutest clothing lines, toys and gear. Shortly after Max was born, my husband and I decided to move back to Toronto, where we could raise him around family. I immediately decided that I would open a children’s store and import all the wonderful things that New York had to offer for babies. It was a niche waiting to be filled in Toronto and growing up in a retail family, naturally I was the person to fill it. Smoochie Baby opened in May 2007 and was an instant hit. However, Che and I missed New York terribly, and after giving Toronto a good 18 months, decided to move back. Our families were devastated (my mother-in-law threatened to kidnap Max several times), but we had to follow our hearts. 

In May of 2009, we opened Smoochie Baby NYC in our beloved new Brooklyn neighborhood. Not only is our family very happy here, but Smoochie Baby could not have asked for a better home. Who knew that this hipster haven would suddenly begin exploding with new babies? Our first six months were fantastic and in November, 2009 we launched the online store, Che and I are passionate about this magical little shop and everything that goes in it. We hope that comes across on our web site and we hope you will enjoy shopping here. Thanks for visiting!"

Penelope Stipanovich

(not a paid advert)