Thursday: 5 great baby books.

1) Flora and the Flamingo, by Molly Idle
Without words, painterly pictures help you tell the story of a friendship blooming between a swim fin-clad girl and a web-footed stranger. When the pair starts to dance, you’ll have no trouble getting carried away.
Available at, $12.

2) That Is Not a Good Idea, by Mo Willems
When a hungry fox meets a wandering goose, you think you know how the story ends. Not so fast, little bookworms. Willems has a surprise in store — and plenty of laughs along the way.
Available for preorder at, $11.

3) Cheetah Can’t Lose, by Bob Shea
Winning isn’t everything. A competitive big cat misses the lesson, but your kids won’t, as he goofily sets out to be No. 1. We give Shea’s bold graphic art a gold medal.
Available at, $11.

4) Peanut & Fifi Have a Ball, by Randall de Sève and Paul Schmid
When your toy hog gets the “gimmes,” open this charmer about a sibling that refuses to share. With each sweetly illustrated page, he learns that imagination is the hottest commodity.
Available for preorder at, $10. 

5) Inside Outside, by Lizi Boyd
Play an artful game of peekaboo through die-cut “windows.” They give a sneak peek at what’s to come as you ramble along with a boy who plays indoors and outdoors as the seasons change.
Available at, $11.