Tuesday health! ORGANIC LOCAL BABY FOOD. From Farm to Table

By Jak Burke, 2013,

If you're a busy parent with concerns about the environment and an ambition to give your baby the best head start in life, Farm to Table could be for you. Vegans : while the plans do include meat, you can structure your food plans to avoid meat.

How it works:

It's very simple: you choose the plan for your child's age group and pay online. You choose the most convenient time and date for your food to be delivered. The food gets delivered in insulated bags. The food can be frozen in the bags. Farms to Table also offer to pick up your used bags and containers.

Where does the food come from?

Basically Farm to Table is what it says, it sources locally produced food from farms near NYC. You get to check out which farms they deal with. Like the famous skit from Portlandia, you can go check on how your food is being grown or treated. 

Pick a plan

Again, as it states, you pick a plan according to your child's age. The great thing about the service if that the organization recycles jars and containers, so the waste level is low. For more information about the recipes and foods currently on offer, you simply go to the organization's Tumblr site. 

On the site you will see the latest meal plans for your child. Here is a sample: 

For vegans we suggest they check out the wide range of locally produced vegetables on offer. 

It's a bare bones process which might be off-putting to the info addicted but stick with it. We trawled around on the organization's Tumblr site to find more background information but we were not able to get an in depth bio but we did discover recipes, and seasonable foods. We also requested an interview (to be published at a later date).

We recommend more info about who started Farms to Table and some real customer reviews. If you use this service, let us know how it goes.

SOURCE: http://farmtobabynyc.com