Tuesday Tip: MySuperSnacks Live Up to Their Name

By Daily Candy

We are the not-so-proud parent of a 3-year-old who eats only snack-size, prepackaged foods.
Her diet lacks things such as, oh, nutrients. And in an effort to avoid meltdowns and public humiliation, we allow it. Mom of the Year, right?

Thanks to MySuperSnack granola bites, we may be eking our way into contention. The all-natural, individually packaged, pop-in-your-mouth-size nuggets have gone over big with our tiny eater.

The result of a playdate brainstorm between moms Silvia Gianni and Katie Jesionowski, the soft treats combine things parents care about (whole grains; a convenient, resealable pouch) with flavors kids like (chocolate chip, blueberry banana açai, apple raisin).

But the real miracle here is that our child eats devours the snacks despite the fact that they contain seventeen vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein, superfruits, and ancient grains.
In other words, it’s an award-winning feat.

Available at abesmarket.com, $3 a pouch. To find out more, go to mysuperfoodscompany.com.
Photos: Courtesy of MySuperFoods

SOURCE: http://www.dailycandy.com/everywhere/article/144292/MySuperSnack-Granola-Bites?vwink=DC:Email:EDIT:KNY:20130309:25:912917:39&eid=144353&dcsid=3838956