Monday Must-Have: Old-fashioned toys


Twoolies: These exotic and colorful stuffed animals were designed and created by the architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists. They are entirely made in natural wool and hand-weaved by skilful artists. There are no two alike; each twooly is a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns.

Price: $19-35.

Keepsake Threads 

Keepsakes: We are based in the Midwest, in Indiana, a textile center of excellence.  All of our products are made in the U.S.A., right next to, yes, cornfields and soybean fields.  We live in an area of the state with a vibrant sewing and quilting community and we utilize those fine folks, in addition to our own staff, for our production.  We are adept in designing products that are cost-effective; we are wholesale purchasers of fabric and our design talent includes designing products that are fairly easy to cut, to lay out and to sew. 

$65 USA made

Graphic Orange Wooden Sailboat

Wooden sailboat with bright graphic orange printed cotton sail. This little boat is sturdy enough for a small child and can be used in the tub, or any body of water. A safe and non-toxic alternative to plastic bath toys, and for outings to the puddle filled park.  The sails are tied with a waxed cotton string, and the wood is finished with a non-toxic coating. Wood is finished with natural Tung and Orange oils. Boat is 8 inches wide and 7 inches tall. 
$22:00 USA made

Wooden Fruit Set
Product information available on website.

Old-fashioned block set

Unit blocks are ideal for learning because they involve the child as a whole: the way she moves her muscles, the way she discovers how different objects feel in her hands, the way she thinks about spaces and shapes, and the way she develops thoughts and interests of her own.