Monday Tip: 5 Cool Baby Gifts

#1 Daily Special
Personalized dishes (by way of Tiffany’s and Great Aunt Beatrice) can feel a bit precious. But the rustic handmade plates, bowls, and mugs from potter Alex Marshall — showing off hand-drawn characters and lettering — say your mealtime monster is ready to dive in to dinner.
Available at, $108.

#2 Dress to Impress
Tane Organics tank-style onesies, new for spring, combine casual wearability with cool detailing — slanted pockets, irregular ribbing. For a perfect pairing, add a handmade organic cotton rattle to your gift.
Available at, $43-$98.

#3 Cover Story
You love the Scandinavian styling of Josef Frank fabrics, but would never dream of placing them in close range of your spit-up sharpshooter. Get the look for less in the form of a low-maintenance, snuggly-soft fleece and cotton stroller blanket, and let the little one fire away.
Available at, $48.

#4 Winged Migration
The Netherlands has cornered the market on hip impulse buys. Proof: new on-the-go music boxes for strollers by Dutch designer Esther Schuivens. We’re not sure whether it’s the classic stripes or simple wide-eyed faces that make them so appealing. We just want one. Now.
Available at, $35.

#5 The End
Wolfum is our choice for the chicest bookends around. Hand-printed Baltic birch silhouettes in graphic patterns sit atop weighty walnut bases and can be mixed and matched for a modern display.
Available at, $62.