Wednesday: iPad art gadget

This review by Emily @ Coloradomoms, 2013
I get a lot of iPad apps, cases and gadgets in to review. My kids are iGeeks like me. Sometimes they are great, more often than not, they fall under my expectations. This time, I was given a WowWee ArtSee Studio to review. I thought, “ho hum another one…” as I set it up. 
I downloaded the app, slid the iPad into the case and started it up. The first thing to note is that this works with the iPad 1, 2, 3 & 4. The iPad mini can still use the app, but doesn’t fit into the case. 
WowWee ArtSee Studio
The app itself really impressed me. You can use the app even without the gadgets and it’s free. Score 1 for ArtSee! Next, the various shapes and pens included actually respond well and quickly, when placed on the iPad. There are similar apps and pens out on the market that have such a delay, my kids get frustrated and move on to a different app. The ArtSee Studio, though, responded with lightening speed and accuracy. Score 2 for ArtSee!
There are so many things you can create and draw on this app. You can use stamps, create your own pictures, draw on pictures you take with the camera, color in some coloring pages and more! Brady loves to take pictures of the ceiling fans and color on them. He also loves the larger size of the pen because it’s easier for him to grip and hold.
WowWee ArtSee Studio 2
I do wish there were a few more options for the themes. There are safari, underwater and transportion themes that are great, but would love to see household items, common toys, a space theme or a few others. The shaped tools are great but they fall out of their holding spots fairly easily. The pen stays put and the case is great for holding and protecting the iPad. 
There are tons of great features. 
ArtSee Studio™ allows kids to create beyond the boundaries of traditional art while protecting an iPad®. The interactive stamps make patterns, animation, music, and special effects. Use the tactile stylus as a pencil, crayon, marker or paint brush, and then try turning it on its side to make textures and visual effects. ArtSee provides immersive fun that unleashes creativity. 

Over 75 animated stamp variations

15 roller patterns
3 built-in theme packs
60 challenging activities in 5 unique games
Over 15 coloring pages
Multi-functional stylus
5 interactive tools
Easy-Grip Handle
Protective Case
Made for iPad® (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation

Draw, paint, and animate with ArtSee Studio!    
The WowWee ArtSee Studio is reasonably priced at $39.99 and available on WowWee’s website. You can follow ArtSee Studio on Twitter and on Facebook