Little Duck healthy snacks for tots

What's yellow, quacks and is good for you? No, not a banana with an identity crisis: Little Duck Organics!

Launched in 2009, as the brain-child of urban dad Zak Normandin, Little Duck produces low-sugar, USA made, healthy fruit snacks for tots

The Story
Back in '09' newbie dad Zak noticed that store shelves were packed with high-sugar snacks for kids; even the so-called 'healthy' options were filled with junk ingredients. Zak was also concerned with other really bad stuff like pesticides and GMO by-products. He wondered whether other parents were thinking the same thing. 

So he founded a company called Little Duck to make the snacks he wanted his kids to eat. And judging by their success, Zak's hunch was spot-on. So what's the secret? Simple: keep it as natural as possible. Little Duck freeze dries pure fruit, chops it up into tiny (tot safe) pieces and delivers it in bright biodegradable bags. Zak called the product line Tiny Fruits

5 awesome reasons to consume Tiny Fruits

#1 All Little Duck products are manufactured in Chicago and Little Duck tries to source as many of their ingredients from the US as possible. ;-) local = jobs & small carbon footprint.

#2 Tiny Fruits is a 100% fruit snack. 

#3 Tiny Fruits is an organic snack that has no added sugar or nasty fillers.

#4 Tiny Fruits are so popular with tots, you may need to buy your own. 

#5 Did we mention that we tried all 3 fruit snacks? They were devoured in around 20 minutes. Tiny Fruits did not make it past the three adults who tried them ... just don't tell their toddlers. So that's the only down-side, Tiny Fruits are so delicious, you may need to keep a stash for yourself someplace real high where the kids won't see them. 

New Stuff:
Little Duck is not content to sit on a mountain of freeze dried fruits. Their newest product, Mighty Oats, is also something to brag about: an ancient grain-based baby cereal packaged in single-serve compostable cups. (And yes we buried them and they do compost but take them to the beach first they make great little sand-castles or cups for ice-cream shares). 

Where can I get their stuff?

and ...

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