A onesie fit for a Prince: Jammiesnyc!


As the world waits for news of the arrival of the royal baby we thought we'd join in on the fun. Here's a special jar we created just for Kate!

Siblings Meryl and Brian Levy are the dynamic duo behind the luxury baby comfort-wear brand, Jammies prêt-à-porter. The concept was originally conceived by their father in the 1980’s, when he would gift pajamas in a jar to friends and family who were expecting.  Little did their family realize that years later, Meryl and Brian would adapt the idea into a more refined, modern concept, resulting in Jammies.

Growing up, Meryl loved babies and baby clothing.  She started babysitting for all the neighborhood kids at the age of 10.  When Meryl was 12, she and Brian were blessed with a new baby brother.  Meryl was thrilled to welcome a baby into the family and spent all of her babysitting money on clothes for the new addition.  As a young adult, Meryl developed a love for fashion and worked for a women’s accessories designer, running the retail store and wholesale showroom in New York. She then worked in event production on large-scale events such as NY Fashion Week and Miami Swim.

Brian has loved drawing since he could hold a crayon.  It’s no surprise that he ended up taking many art classes in college, while studying journalism and French.  After developing a foundation in the fashion industry with a job at the press office of Christian Louboutin, Brian pursued his culinary interests and worked in various kitchens and farms in New York, France and Spain.  Upon his return to the States, he enrolled in the graduate architecture program at Berkeley, then Yale.  Brian’s experiences led to the realization that his true love lies with clothing design.

With their combined experiences and skill sets, it felt natural for Meryl and Brian to join forces and create something meaningful.  Taking a cue from their dad’s small idea, developing Jammies into a brand felt like the right step.  Both Meryl and Brian love to travel and admire the style and sophistication of European baby clothing, which can be seen in the Jammies craftsmanship and fabrics. 

Jammies Prêt-à-Porter
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