Just Salad : healthy food on the go

There's a new health craze in town and it's not frozen yoghurt!

Just Salad ... has gripped another neighborhood, this one is on the UES, (corner of E83rd & 3rd). 

I got there Monday at rush hour and was immediately attended to. The new venue is spacious, clean and bright. The staff is friendly and the patrons are a young crowd. I counted around three moms with small children and a dad. The spaces are designed for an easy stroller experience. The washroom is clean and wide enough to take a stroller into for a diaper change. 

Parents often have little time to prepare nutritious food in the early months of their baby's life. Just Salad is an easy one-step shop for health-conscious families. 

What you get:
As I ran the gamut of deciding between a vast array of ingredients as a first timer I was a little overwhelmed I confess. Basically lots of choice drills down to: 

(1) choose your salad base: that's 3 different types of salad out of around 9. 

(2) You then move on and can choose 4 free toppings anything after that you get charged for. 

(3) Then you choose how you want your salad served. Tossed or chopped. I chose chopped. 

(4) Last but not least you choose the dressing. As I have mentioned for a newbie it's a lot to take in. But like anything once you get it down it's child's play. For babies and toddlers there's stuff like chicken, avocado, carrots, sweet corn and simple greens to munch on. 

I got red cabbage spinach kale topped with tofu cucumber avocado red onion and tomatoes with oil and vinegar.  The portions are generous at $7:99. 

Another hit is that customers can save while going green. 

Buy a reusable salad bowl for $1 and get 2 free essentials or 1 free cheese when you reuse your bowl. 

Go check them out: http://justsalad.com

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