New royal baby is a Windsor not a Middleton

(Prince William as an infant)

The new royal baby has his mother's looks? No ... sorry ... this baby boy is all you dad! Royal observers know that the Windsors produce a distinctive breed. The royal nose and mouth are strong traits that can be traced from Royal progenitor to offspring. 

Need proof? The images below are of the new Prince, and Prince William around the same age.  

                                            (Prince William's son)                                                  (Prince William as an infant)

Note ... the same brow, nose and lips.

The same skin tone and hair line between father and child demonstrates that the Royal genes are strong. Check out Grandpa, HRH Prince Charles, as an infant. 

In the coming months we will, of course, see the new little Prince mature into his own distinctive self. We predict however that he will look quite a lot like this - how cute!

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