Tuesday Baby Class: TLB Music, drama, hip hop and art!

TLB Music (formerly Three Little Birds Music), offers music, drama, hip hop, and art classes for kids! They also have an eco-friendly indoor play-space used for open play and birthday parties.  

Their music classes for kids ages 4 months - 6 years are what they're known for.  

We target development goals through musical play in our classes. Listening to and playing music can encourage and improve hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, language skills, and emotional development. Instead of creating a show for kids, I write a curriculum designed for each age group, planning how the class will incorporate activities to benefit the children’s development while having fun making music.

Each week, students meet a new instrument of the orchestra. Their musical collection has everything from the French Horn to the Marimba and includes folk and world instruments like the Djembe and the Banjo. In addition to the big instruments, TLB has every little instrument you could think of for their students to play: maracas, tambourines, bongo drums, guiros, castanets, harmonicas, and more. When children turn 2 or 3, they also begin playing kid-size guitars, violins, and keyboards!

All music classes follow a theme so the students learn to use music as a medium to communicate and learn about lots of fun topics. This Fall, TLB's theme is “Henry and the Hot Air Balloon”. They’re “traveling” in the classroom to a new country each week to meet its music and culture! A few examples of past themes: “Didi Does a Dance”, “Colors with Cozmo”, “Talia and the Time Machine”, and “Betty Loves Broadway”.

TLB makes signing up simple:  they offer a free trial class, unlimited makeup classes, full sessions (16 weeks), half sessions (8 weeks), and drop-in classes to accommodate your busy schedules.  Those who sign up for a half or full session receive free play passes!

Website:  www.tlbmusic.com
Telephone:  212-744-0404
Email:  tlb@tlbmusic.com