Win a Book: The Blossom Method (the Revolutionary Way to Communicate with your Baby from Birth)

Win Vivien Sabel's amazing book "The Blossom Method". We have two to give-away FREE. To apply simply email me (Jak) at Winner's draw. Competition expires October 1st.  

Can you sum up the Blossom Method in a few simple sentences? 
The Blossom Method is a wonderful, intuitive parenting tool that can be used by all family members. It is based on a simple three-step method of observation, mirroring and responding to your baby's non-verbal cues and clues.The Blossom Method shows exactly how parents can read and develop their baby’s non-verbal communication skills to increase the child’s wellbeing and the parent’s self-confidence, thereby allowing for a deeper bond to take place between parent and baby. 

This bond lays a firm foundation for future communication and cognitive skills.  The Blossom Method teaches parents how to communicate with their baby by carefully observing non-verbal behaviour and then mirroring and shaping these movements into functional communication.

Are babies born with an inherent ability to communicate? 
Of course! Babies' are born with an innate drive and an inherent ability to communicate. All you need to do is follow your baby and their chosen methods and their communication choices and all will be revealed. Look out for their tongue movements, changes in skin tone, their eyes, their mouths and all of their body language; in the early days and months this is all you'll need to understand all of what your baby is experiencing and much about their needs and desires. 

Vivien, can you tell us how you became a childcare professional? (Psychotherapist) 
Like most psychotherapists I had a good experience in my own therapy and as a result began to consider clinical training and entering the profession. I'm so glad I did! The years of intense training have helped me to understand so much about human behaviour. This training, combined with being raised by a Deaf Mom have aided my work considerably. My capacity to tune into the non-verbal is immense. I love my job with a passion. I am honoured to meet and work with so many wonderful people from mothers their babies, children and my oldest patient so far was 81! 

Is sign language a good skill for nannies to learn? 
Sign Language is a wonderful skill for all to learn! If I had my way it would be on every national curriculum in every school across the globe! Nannies and the babies they care for would benefit tremendously from using Sign Language. 

Sign language supports language development, communication and brain activity in infants. It relieves frustration too. I have seen an 18 week old baby request milk from his mother and his mother understand in an instant what he wanted. As a result both mother and baby could communicate effectively in an instant relieving anxiety and frustration for all!

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