Baby CZ: German designer Carolina Zapf offers baby cashmere heirlooms

Carolina Zapf, owner and designer of the Baby CZ brand, began designing luxury children’s clothing after the birth of her first daughter Lily, in 2001. Finding a lack of luxury clothing, specifically timeless, cashmere pieces, Carolina set out to create just that! Carolina has a background in Millinery from FIT, and 12 previous years’ work experience in the Women’s clothing design business. Brining these skills together with her desire to create the un-findable classic clothing, Baby CZ was born. We visited Baby CZ and spoke with the store’s manager.

How many locations do you have in NYC?   What compelled your company to break into NYC market? 
We currently have 1 location in NYC, at 1300 Madison Avenue. We opened lower on Madison Avenue in 2009, and in 2013, we moved to the current location. In 2010, we opened our second location in Greenwich, CT, at 360 Greenwich Avenue. Both boutiques are in sought-after locations, and we couldn’t be happier with where they are! As Carolina lives and raises her children in NYC, opening her flagship boutique in the same city was a given. Additionally, Baby CZ’s wholesale and online office, are located on the Upper West Side in NYC, which makes life much easier for her!

What baby age groups do you cater to at the store?
We carry ages 0-3M up through 12 Years. We also have a collection of women’s cashmere sweaters and accessories that we carry. Typically, our best sellers are in the 0-3M through 4Y age range, as that is the perfect “gifting” age!

Any current promotions and/or baby gift sets do you think are good right now?
As winter approaches, we begin to sell out of our 3-piece Cashmere Layette sets. These are the perfect gift for a newborn, and often are purchased as a bringing home outfit. We also have our luxurious cashmere blankets that match, to complete the look. These pieces are our best sellers year after year, and once you see them and feel the cashmere, you’ll know why!

Are there any baby charities or non-profits you work with?
Baby CZ is a proud sponsor of Baby Buggy. To read more about our work with them, please visit our website Additionally, we support many auctions/raffles/giveaways throughout NYC that are school based.

What is unique about your baby designs? 
The Baby CZ brand is unique for many reasons. It first came onto the market when there was a lack of luxury children’s wear – essentially it was one of the first out there! The style of the clothing is classically European. Carolina’s German heritage is certainly a factor in the designs! Our cashmere is of the highest quality, from the plateaus of Mongolia, and all of the pieces we produce are meant to last a lifetime. We would love to see Baby CZ cashmere pieces passed down from generation to generation.

Baby CZ
Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM

Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM

1300 Madison Avenue
New YorkNY 10128USA
Phone: 212-288-8030

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