Tuesday Opinion: Why buying American is the new trend.

78% of Americans would rather buy a Made in America product. More than 60% of all respondents in the Consumer Reports, National Research Center, said they'd buy an American product even if it cost 10% more than an imported product.


Today more than ever Americans are concerned about keeping Americans working and American manufacturing strong. Also fueling the new shift back to domestic products are concerns over human right's violations, environmental pollution, child labor and a lack of consumer and government controls into the use of toxic chemical substances. In China, middle-class women now routinely import breast milk and other infant products because they understand that high levels of environmental contaminants impact a child's healthy development. 

In the juvenile markets we are seeing a return to buying local and sustainable infant products. Baby Does ... NYC is committed to promoting American workers, jobs and industries while sourcing organic, local and sustainable products for our readers. Here are some providers we love:

Liz & Ro

Free Shipping on 4-pc. Sets
Liz and Roo baby crib bedding is made with love in the U.S.A., ensuring our ability to control quality, safety, and workmanship. You'll love your nursery by Liz and Roo.  Shop for 4-pc. sets, buy the separates, or contact us for custom baby bedding.  You choose between "bumperless bedding" featuring rail covers or traditional bumpers. 


Brica's new U.S made Newborn to Toddler Tub Hub Plus (not pictured) is designed to last as your infant grows, converting easily from a newborn tub to a full-sized toddler tub. Between baths, it even turns into a handy step stool. Check out Brica's other infant products. 

Manny & Simon

Manny and simon is an exciting collection of children's products that takes the classic animals and vehicles children love and transforms them into contemporary essentials for every kid! manny and simon products range from unique hand-screened printed apparel for babies and toddlers to eco-friendly wooden heirloom toys and furniture perfect for any child’s play room. 

Little Castle

All made in the USA, Little Castle distinguishes itself from its competitors by using old world techniques. Each piece is made one at a time by hand with a craftsman's pride. We design and produce beautiful furniture with quality and value in mind. All this adds up to "Why Little Castle" is the chair for you.

This week we will continue our series of Made in America and organic, sustainable products. 

Any tips on Made in America products or services? 


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