Baby Bjorn's Carrier ONE: the only carrier you need to buy?

Baby Bjorn's new carrier ONE is now available and we decided to test the theory that it's the only baby carrier you will need to buy. Here are the claims:

We asked three NYC moms with infants ranging from 1-month to 24 months to test drive the ONE. Here is their feedback:

8 month-old baby

Keri T 

Busy NYC mother of four, Keri T has used Baby Bjorn carriers for all of her children but this was her first try of the ONE

"I immediately thought that the learning curve could be steep for new parents, so I wouldn't advise trying to put it on the first time  with a crying baby on your lap. I'm sure Baby Bjorn has a You Tube video to show how the ONE straps on but I like to figure things out intuitively. Once I had it figured out the ONE was relatively easy to get on. I compared it to my other carrier Baby Bjorn circa 2006 and the ONE was so much more comfortable especially on my shoulders. The back support feature was a huge bonus. I loved it!"

Toddler aged 24 months

Anne T

Anne T just moved to NYC from Australia. She has two small children one of whom has just turned two. When her children were infants she used the ERGO carrier however she was willing to give the ONE a test run with her youngest child, who is above average in size and weight. 

"The ONE felt substantial. I felt like my son was safe and secure on my back and it's a great substitute for the stroller, especially if you're taking a trip around the City on public transport. We would consider buying it for our weekend hikes or museum visits as my husband sometimes suffers with back problems and the back support was a big hit. The padding on the ONE makes for a really comfortable experience. I would definitely trade in my ERGO for the ONE had it been available from my first child's birth. I know we would have used it through-out their early years."

Newborn baby

Sandy D is a second-time mom with a newborn. As an ERGO user she was curious to try out the ONE. These are her observations:

"For someone conscious of space (living in NYC with two small children) the ONE looked bulky once out of the box, so I was concerned about storage issues. I found it fairly easy to strap on and adjust. I liked the feature that accommodates a newborn which was important to me as I am aware of early infant muscle and bone development. It was very comfortable and robust so I can see why it's substantial. I think its longevity is a plus especially if you like to carry your children for as long as possible."

Baby Does ... NYC gives Baby Bjorn's carrier ONE a big thumbs up. As with all baby carriers please make sure you follow all of the manufacturer's instructions for your baby's health and safety. 

What are your thoughts about the Baby Bjorn Carrier ONE?

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