Mommy Interview: 'New York Loves Kids' founder Laurie Mackie

New York Loves Kids is a popular listings site that publishes weekly events for families. We love the simplicity of the site and wanted to find out who was behind it. This is our interview with Laurie Mackie.

So Laurie, let's begin with a little about yourself
I'm Laurie Mackie, a mom to two kids, a boy and a girl, and the founding director of New York Loves Kids, a destination website for NYC parents to find fun local family events & activities.

What's your background?
My background is in PR and marketing and I was lucky enough to be able to stop working after I had my son which gave me time to regroup and think about the work/life balance that I would like to have. My marketing skills, my passion for all things digital, and my need to find fun things for my kids to do, all led me to setting up NYLK. 

I am constantly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ways to entertain your kids daily throughout the five boroughs, and I am always so excited to share with fellow parents exciting events for kids in THE most exciting city.

When, how and why did you begin New York Loves Kids?
We launched in May 2012. New York Loves Kids came about when in early 2012 I was searching for information on what to do with my own kids, and felt just a bit overwhelmed by my search. It was at that point that I created the plan for NYLK and set about providing a boutique website for parents, one which is not inundated with lots and lots of information, but a simple to use resource highlighting the best that NYC has to offer families like mine.

My husband has his own design agency so he created what you see today, and is in the process of developing an even easier to use format which will be launching very soon.

Given all the info noise out there for parents what do you think NYLK brings to the table?
I think that NYLK has a more simplistic approach. Our format is easy, we share family events and drop-in type activities, and we also share information on clubs, classes and camps - that's it, no parenting/pregnancy tips, kids fashion trends, celebrity baby spotting, where to get the best froyo etc - we just share plain old-fashioned family fun! 

We also limit the amount of advertising on the website so that our readers don't get distracted, and so our advertisers don't get lost. We also only share events that are relevant to our audience, which is parents with kids ages 0-12

How can folks submit their events? (is this free?)
Sure, you can submit any family friendly events online via this link here:
It is completely free to submit the details.

What is in the pipeline for NYLK?
NYLK has been set up as our flagship website and the plan always was to run it for 18-24 months in order to make any adjustments that need to be made. As we are now approaching the 18 month period, we plan to roll it out soon to other cities, not just in the USA but internationally too.

Twitter: htp://

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