Vivien Sabel's The Blossom Method: The Revolutionary Way to Communicate with Your Baby from Birth

Guest Post by Vivien Sabel, 2013

Take a little time to look ...

In this fast moving world where technology overwhelms us and as parents we have so much to do I want to encourage you to take time away from Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook etc., to simply look at your baby.

Whilst in your ‘mommy tummy’ your baby’s presence is very much felt and when your little bundle of joy arrives you may well be a super busy mom or dad but looking at your baby will give you and them so much.

Through observation of your baby’s body language and facial expressions you will be able to gather more information than you possibly realize. It is possible for you to gather information about your baby’s: -

§       level of distress

§       sense of well-being

§       level of comfort

§       mood

§       level of hunger

§       possible signs of ill-health

§       expressions of wind and constipation

§       signs of tiredness

Baby Sebastian pictured below is experiencing tiredness and has a little wind/gas.

His eyes look heavy and his lips look ‘full’. Such a simple observation allowed Cat (his Mom) to wind him. As Cat developed her awareness into the world of the non-verbal these observations and subsequent actions became smooth and reliable. Cat initially observed his expression and then she mirrored his ‘sleepy eyes’ and full expression back to him. This allowed Sebastian to feel both heard and seen. If Sebastian’s needs would have remained unmet he would have become uncomfortable and potentially he would have gone on to reach the crying stage.

Using your observation skills will see you developing a great deal of awareness of your baby’s needs and experiences.

Using a simple three-step approach with your baby of observationmirroring-back and responding to their needs your baby will experience you, their world and themselves. You will be able to understand them and oftentimes you will be able to meet their needs before they feel the need to cry.[1]

The benefits to recognizing what your baby is ‘saying’ are many. Here are just a few: -

§       You will quickly learn what your baby wants, needs and desires

§       Your baby will feel both seen and ‘heard’ in your observation

§       You will experience your baby’s satisfaction

§       Their satisfaction and happiness will be mirrored right back at you

§       Your anxiety will be minimized and you will both benefit from this

§       You will being able to meet their needs and support their happiness

So Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter etc., will all be there tomorrow, for today (and every day) socially connect with your baby through the power of observation, mirroring-back and responding to your baby’s non-verbal cues and clues!

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Observation, mirroring-back and responding are the three key features of The Blossom Method The Revolutionary Way To Communicate With Your Baby From Birth.

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