"Wee are the Ppl" - Edgy, Iconic Tot's Tees with a Heart of Gold

Canadian kids' brand "Wee are the Ppl" offers cool hipster tees for kids ages 2-4. The designs are original. But what makes this line so special is the dedication Wee's founder Bryan McClowskey has to Children's Hospitals. 

Bryan, tell us how edgy iconic tees meets a kids hospital?
The tie to kid's hospitals stems from my own personal experience. http://weearetheppl.com/bryan.php I was born 3 months premature and spent quite some time in Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. When I decided to start WEE, tying a kid's clothing label back to a cause that played such a key role in my life was a no-brainer.
As for the edgy iconic tees, that comes from market research I conducted and that discovered that little dudes don't have a cool counter-culture type brand to call their own. They mostly play off of the existing teen/tween brands like Quiksilver etc. I wanted to create a rad brand for kids and kids only! The other half is for the parents. I'm not one myself, but most of my friends are. They didn't want to dress their little guy up in generic mall brands, they wanted something different. WEE ARE THE PPLâ„¢ is for little dudes whose moms and dads are into, or inspired by all the greatest things in life including skateboarding, design, typography, tattoos and rock n' roll.

When you say 10% goes to children's hospitals ... you mean ... 10%?
Yup! WEE is a side project for me so it's not my sole source of income. I figured I could be fairly generous with the donations and REALLY try to make a difference. http://weearetheppl.com/wee_difference.php
Wee's founder Bryan McCloskey
Do your clothes bring good karma?
Ha ha. I'd like to think so. I know they definitely bring smiles to the kid's faces. That's pretty great karma, I'd say.
Why buy this brand? Well it's different and yes very trendy but here's the main reason why we give this brand a two thumbs up. From Bryan:

The program's success is achieved through the brand being stocked in numerous retailers across Canada. 10% of the revenue (not just profits) generated from these stores will become an annual donation to that region's Children's Hospital. For example if 10 Ottawa stores carry us, WEE'll have a great donation for the CHEO Hospital in Ottawa. However, in order for Stollery Children's Hospital to receive our donation WEE'll need some Edmonton shops to stock us. See how that works? The further WEE spreads across the nation, the further our donations reach to those in need. What a great 'win-win'!

Buy a tee now! They are $20. 

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